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We deliver the lowest term rate for our clients. Not one of the lowest, but THE lowest. We quote ONLY the oldest, largest and most highly rated companies.

Our Rate Database

    We spent the money necessary to have access to THE leading industry third-party rate data base. It is updated literally daily. It gives us every competitive term rate (hundreds!) so we can identify THE LOWEST rate for which you will qualify. There is no shortcut here... 

Saying vs. Doing

    Saying that we will find the lowest term rate for you is easy. Actually doing it is not as easy as it sounds.To find the lowest for which a particular insured will qualify requires a very exact and disciplined set of procedures which, if followed, enables an agent (us) to find the lowest term rate for which our client will qualify. We deliver the lowest rates in the real world. 

We Do NOT “Bait & Switch”

    Other direct mail or Internet “agents” just don’t get it...they simply quote a low rate for the #1 Preferred class of a particular company, recommend that you submit to that company...and hope that you will accept whatever rate the company actually offers! We never have, and never will, use this “bait and switch” tactic. We will identify a realistic range of rates up front so you know before submitting the application the rates that you will most likely be offered. 

Let’s Get Real

    Less than 10% of the general population qualify for a #1 Preferred rate...less than 10%! The rate that an insured actually offered is almost always from 35% to 100% higher than a #1 Preferred rate. We’ll identify the actual rate you will actually get up front. If you like it, we proceed. If you don’t, we thank you for your consideration and we both move on. 

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business...