Brokers Alliance, Inc.

Our combined experience in the life insurance business is almost 200 years…we know what we are doing…and our ONLY objective is to earn our clients’ business by finding them the lowest term rates in existence.

We do business with ONLY the largest, oldest and most highly rated companies. Not to worry though…the largest, oldest and most highly rated companies have the lowest term rates… so you have the best of all worlds. We can provide you with everything you want to know about the life company.


Life insurance rates vary from class to class…company to company…age to age…and by face amount.

The rates shown are ACTUAL RATES as of June 2013

Insured: Male Age 63

Coverage: $500,000 of 20-year level term

Premium mode: ANNUAL

Underwriting Class


Companies with the lowest rates for each underwriting class






Lowest #1


Lowest #2


Lowest #3


Lowest Standard




$ 3,740


$ 3,755


$ 4,125


$ 5,075




$ 4,730


$ 4,375


$ 4,820


$ 5,405




$ 6,810


(No #3 class)


$ 5,340


(No #3 class)




$ 7,945


$ 6,895


$ 8,185


$ 6,795

What IS the lowest term rate for this insured? Here’s the difference between other agents and us…

Other agents typically do the following…

  • Identify Company A as having the lowest rate (the #1 Preferred rate) without bothering to determine whether you will qualify for their #1 Preferred rate. So…
  • They recommend Company A only because they have the lowest #1 Preferred rate
  • They tell you up front (maybe) that the actual rate may be higher
  • They submit an application to Company A and hope that you will accept whatever rate Company A offers you…which will almost certainly be the #2, #3 or Standard rate!
  • Company A underwrites your application and offers a Standard rate due to your medical history…THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME IN THE REAL WORLD
  • The agent sends you a policy and an invoice for $7,945…you accept the policy and pay the premium…assuming that if Company A had the lowest #1 Preferred rate, then they must have the lowest Standard rate.

Here’s how we handle this case…

  • We determine which underwriting class you will qualify for BEFORE we submit…it is easy to do this…only takes a few minutes of your time.
  • We determine (with 90% or better accuracy) that you will get a Standard rate offer…not a #1 Preferred rate.
  •  With our database, we know that Company D has the lowest Standard rate.
  • We submit an application to Company D and, after you are approved, we send you a policy and an invoice for $6,795…$1,150 less than the other agent.
Benefit to you? You save $ 23,000 over the 20-year guarantee period…$23,000